Not Just a Pretty Face: Sul smirks, nodding in approval now that Lurtz is being a little bit... 


Sul smirks, nodding in approval now that Lurtz is being a little bit more behaved. That was the main problem with his previous cell mate - he just wouldn’t listen to Sul’s orders, he wouldn’t behave. But this new kid, he seems a little more trainable, seems like he’ll listen more. He lets out a…

Lurtz can help but bite his lip, trying to stop the laugh that is falling from his lips. “I..Got it” he says, cheeks turning a slight pink. 

"So…uh-" he starts before he’s stopping, He doesn’t know what to say. He can’t really start a conversation with do much at the weekend, apart from stabbing someone? 

He takes in a slow breath. “What do you…uh, guys, do around here for fun? well, i, you know what I mean” Lurtz says in a scramble of words. 

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Not Just a Pretty Face: Sul growls under his breath, sitting up from his spot laying on the... 


Sul growls under his breath, sitting up from his spot laying on the top bunk and tilting his head to the side, cracking his neck before he’s jumping off the bunk forcefully and landing right in front Lurtz, less than an inch from his face.

"Listen, kiddo,” the blonde speaks with gritted teeth,…

Okay. Maybe he’s gonna have a tough time in here. Especially when his cock is practically begging for the man infront of him attention. He’s been in here less than twenty minutes and is already a wrack of nerves. 

"Yeah..Just fine" Rob says before he’s gulping, eyes flickering from the ground to Suls eyes. "Just fine…". Lurtz gulps before he’s trying to get past Sul. "And please, I’m just asking you once more, don’t call me Kiddo, im like what, two years younger than you”. 

Lurtz runs a hand through his hair. He always thought that in prison, they shave the prisoners heads but he guesses that must be a lie as well. “Unless you want me, ya know, jacking off all over your well made bed”. Fuck, he really needs to get his anger issues straight or his tongue will probably be cut out. “I-I didn’t mean that, Sorry, man” Lurtz says, finger nails digging into his palms. “I should really learn to keep my mouth shut”

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Not Just a Pretty Face: The first time Jack Sullivan was ever in trouble with a person of... 


The first time Jack Sullivan was ever in trouble with a person of authority was in preschool. He stabbed a kid with a pencil, pushed it right into his eye socket. An ambulance was called and social services requested an emergency meeting with Sul and his mother. Sul showed no remorse, only said…

"Don’t plan on touching you or you’re fuckin’ bed" Lurtz mutters under his breath. Okay, maybe he was hoping for a nicer…’room’ mate. Not some stuck up twat. Rob looks to the ground, grinding his jaw. Fuck this. 

He drops his stuff onto the bottom bunk before rubbing at his face. He feels angry, he wants to cry, but he knows he can’t. He needs to get his shit together. He knows crying wont get him any where. He also needs to work on not answering back, the amount of times he’s had a slap or a punch across his face from Matt and his mother, 

"I’m Lurtz, by the way" Rob says before muttering under his breath again. "Like you fucking care”. He bites down his tongue. There he goes again, with the cheeky ass comments. 

Rob has a problem with being called ‘kiddo’. They guy looks maybe 2 years older than him. Not fucking twenty. “Also, i respect your rules, you respect mines. No calling me kiddo” . Rob glances at the boy before he’s clearing his throat. This is not gonna be a good 7 years. 

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The noise was loud. The laughter, the yelling. His ears felt fuzzy, like he was at concert but with no music. Just the back ground noise. His hands rubbed together as he walked, feeling them slide against each with the sweat. He wasn’t cut for this. 

Rob’s hand linked with Matt’s, fingers entwined as they walked. It was their one year anniversary and Rob knew just the place that they would both love to have dinner. It wasn’t a posh cuisine or a fancy restaurant. It was small diner, where they first met. “Recognise where we are going yet?” Rob says, turning to look at his partners face, a smile on his face. “No? should I” Matt laughs and Rob just rolls his eyes. “Of course.”

"You will be in Block K, at the far end of the facility" One of the men say on the left to him. Rob just nods, is he allowed to speak? They pass through several gates, all needing passes to be let through and yep, just like what he’s seen on tv. "As you’re a new one, You’ll be wearing the orange overalls for the new two weeks then you will change to grey" another man speaks. Rob quirks an eyebrow. "Why can’t I just wear the grey one no-". There’s a hard slap over the back of his head. "Did we ask you to speak? No."

Rob bites his lip as he get’s closer to the place, knowing Matt will soon realise where they are and how perfect he is of picking this place for their anniversary. “Recognize it ye-“. Rob is cut off my three men, stopping them from passing. “We don’t want a bunch of fags around these parts” the guy in the middle says before he’s pushing at Matt’s chest. “Go back to where you came from”. “What? your mums bed?” Rob says before he’s rubbing his tongue against his cheek. “Why don’t you go back to where you came from, go crawl up your mums cunt before I put you there myself.”

"Move it, Lurtz". Rob gets pushed slightly, his feet tumbling over one another. "We don’t have all day". Rob sucks in a deep breath. He knows he’s gonna go insane with in the first few days. He bites at his lip, looking down to the floor. His overalls stand out like a cat mixed in with several dogs. So much for everyone being equal. The laughter and yelling get louder as the progress further in the buliding and it isn’t until he’s outside that he realizes, this isn’t any normal prison. There’s tables and chairs, there’s proper shops, like, actually shops. "Is that even-" Rob starts before he’s getting another slap to the back of the head. There’s people who are dressed like normal people outside, no overalls, just jeans and t-shirts. "Oi, Remero, did Finlay get you that…stuff?" one of the guards says and then there’s some laughter-"Hell no, You actually think he would of been able to get?"-"He’s all talk and no show". 

The first few punches are harder than the rest but he cares about is Matt. He’s being help by two of the guys, pushed against the wall. “Get fuckin-“. Another blow to the face and it has Robs head spinning. “You’re all talk and no show” the man on top of his hisses. Robs hand’s scramble at the ground. He needs to get up. He needs to get to Matt. His hand grabs at the nearest object and before the man on top of him gets another punch in, his hand is pulling up and smashing into into his neck. “ROB!”

Okay, maybe prison wont be that bad. Well, it might actually be worse, but it looks like everyone gets their freedom around here and Rob thinks that might do good for him. He can take up a hobby. “Just up here” the guard on his right says before they’re passing through another gate. “New Cell Mate, Prisoner 198568” comes from the speaker at the side of door and god, does he have a number? does he need to remember it? 

"Rob…Rob what did you do…What the fuck did you do, baby" and Matts crying, tugging at Lurtz to get up. "We need to go…We need to go". Rob can’t hear anything, all he can do is stare at the blood on his hands. "W-What did…Are you okay? they didn’t hurt you, did they?". Matt is tugging at him to get up, his pleads becoming louder. "The police are coming…I can’t lose you…I-Please get up". Rob turns his head, looking at Matt then back to his hands. "I didn’t mean too…They were…I couldn’t let them do this". 

"And you’re in here" A man says that wasn’t with them before. "Breakfast is at 8.30, Lunch at 12 and Dinner at 5. Be ready for inspection at any time and please, don’t get yourself into hassle. You’re new, don’t go looking for trouble. Okay?". Rob gulps. "O-Okay." he says, expecting a slap to the back of the head again, but it doesn’t come. The next thing Rob knows, he’s being handed several things in a nice folded pile. "Extra Overall, cover, shoes, pillow and toilet roll. Hopefully, money will be processed and you’ll be able to buy yourself some other necessities". 

Rob is finally on his feet, his body swaying. He’s not had one drink but he feels like he’s fleeing. “C’mon, we need to get out of here…need to get you cleaned up”. Matt is tugging at his arm. “HURRY UP!” he yells and Rob turns his head to look at him again. “I-I’m sorry” he manages “I…I just didn’t want you hurt”. He knows by the morning, he’s gonna have several bruises covering his face, he can already feel his lip swelling. 

The cell door is already open and Rob is gulping. He doesn’t want to do this. He’s not ready. It was self defense. When Rob turns to look at the guards, they are already gone. He’s alone. He’s got no one now. “Suck it up” he whispers to himself before he’s turning on his heels and stepping foot into his new ‘room’. “Hey…Uh, I think i’m your new cell mate?” Rob says and then he’s getting a full look on his ‘bunk buddy’. Fuck. 

"’s okay…it’s okay" Rob murmurs, hands cupping at Matts face. "Im asking you to step back". "Please…Please don’t leave me". Its not until he’s being pulled back, hands behind his back. Cuffs round his wrist that everything click. "Mat-t" he stammers, eyes watering. "B-Baby, it’s gonna be okay…it’s gonna be okay. You get home…You get home now. I love you-". He’s being pushed inside the car. "I lov-ve you…and happy anniversary". 

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Not Just a Pretty Face: Sul gives a soft, sad smile to the younger boy, gently stroking his... 


Sul gives a soft, sad smile to the younger boy, gently stroking his cheek before following him over the cabinet. He hoists himself up onto the counter, sitting there and swinging his legs freely.

"Aw, kiddo, don’t sweat it," he speaks in gentle, reassuring tones and presses a kiss to Lurtz’…

"No." Rob grits through his teeth. "Ya ain’t goin’ by yerself". 

"I don’t want your father selling you ‘aff to some drunk loser…" Rob doesn’t mean to sound horrible and mean, but the thought of Sul being hit on by drunks makes his blood boil. 

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"Oh, I’ve seen me, I look great," Sul smirks between the heated touches of lips, holding Rob close, pressing against him as if he means to be conjoined with the other boy, to somehow merge them together.

"But you still look better," he whispers before pressing his lips to Lurtz’ once again, hard and deep and desperate.

Sul sighs and shakes his head, looking sadly up at the younger man when he steps away from their embrace. He reaches a hand forward and gently smooths out Rob’s suit jacket, having got it slightly rumpled from holding him so close.

"Not this time, kiddo, I’m sorry," the blonde spoke with a defeated tone, shooting a lop-sided smile in Lurtz’ direction, “He sent his head of security to invite me," Sul explains, “which is his way of making a thinly veiled threat. He’s done it before, and when I didn’t show up, his security, Sullivan, turned up, drugged me and delivered me to the party."

The young man makes a face, grimacing at the memory. It was certainly not a fond one and he had done his best to forget how the night progressed from there on. But his father had certainly made an impression and every time Sullivan shows up at his door, Sul makes a point of showing up promptly for whatever occasion it is.

"And yes, I was named after my father’s head of security," Sul adds with an eye roll, scowling slightly, “Mr. Ryan is not particularly inventive with names."

Rob takes in a deep breath, a small smile brewed across his face.
"I just…Sander is probably gonna be there…and.." Rob runs a hand through his hair before he’s walking over to the small cabinet, taking out a small glass and pouring himself some scotch. 

"I just, im scared and nervous and i know if he’s gonna be there, he’s gonna need to watch what he says cause he’s pushing daisies, im no kiddin’" Rob says in a mouthful before he’s knocking back the glass of scotch. 

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Not Just a Pretty Face: Sul glances to the shut door, listening out for foot steps, wary in... 


Sul glances to the shut door, listening out for foot steps, wary in case Rob walks in suddenly. He can hear the kid talking to himself, the rustle of clothes being put on and he knows its safe. Quickly, the blonde flicks the vein he intends to stab, making it swell and protrude before he pushes…

Rob rolls his eyes, giving a small scoff. “Should see ‘yer self” he comments before he’s kissing back. Teeth slightly grazing over the older mans bottom lip. He takes a deep breath through his nose and his hand slides up Suls chest. “Do we really need to go?” He murmurs into his lovers mouth. “Not just stay here? have a party of our own?”

Robs fingers flex at the collar of Suls shirt. “It’s not like you need to go, your dad asked you too go, but when do you ever listen to the old man? hm?” he says, stepping back, eyebrow raised. 

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a little party never hurt nobody 

Rob tugged on his bowtie, scowling in the small mirror at his apartment. why did he agree to go to this party. Especially if Sander is going to be attending. 

He tucks his shirt in and then pulls on his suit jacket before he looks himself up and down. “You can do this”. His stomach lurches as he takes a deep breath in. He needs to stay calm. Nothing will happen. Suls dad will be there. Mr. Ryan. 

"Sul, you ready yet?" Rob calls out, running his hand through his hair. "It’s almost time". "Your dad will kill you if you show up late". 

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Not Just a Pretty Face: Sul gives a small pout, frustrated that he didn’t get further with his... 


Sul gives a small pout, frustrated that he didn’t get further with his attempts to befriend Lurtz or find out more about him. The kid sure was loyal to Cohen for someone who didn’t seem to like him.

The young man shrugged to himself and headed down a hallway, glancing around quickly before…

When Rob got to work, it wasn’t busy or noisy and he was thankful for that. After the night he had had, he was glad that there wasn’t much work to be done. 

The same song was was playing over and it was making robs fingers flex into fists. He knew he wouldnt be able to handle seeing Sander today, so stay at a friends or outside seemed like his only choice. 

The hours dragged in and the shop didnt get busier. He thinks it was to do with the party last night, it might of got out of hand, people drinking to much, not going home until later hours. 

by the time five came, Rob was grabbing his coat and heading out the door. 

"Hey lurtzy" came a familiar voice and it has Rob spinning on his heels. "hm-Sul?" Rob says with a small eye roll. "Whats got you here, the shops just closing.."

Rob looks the older man up and down quickly as he pulls on his coat. “Or are you here for Sander?” 

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Sul raises an eyebrow, giving the kid a look of confusion and shaking his head. He looks down and brushes a few creases out of his shirt, not that it makes any difference to how crumpled the shirt looks.

“That kook is far too possessive,” the young man mutters with a look of annoyance to the side. “You’re allowed to have friends, ya know, Lurtzy,” Sul speaks up with a small smile, looking to the young man with sincerity.

Rob gives a roll of his eyes before tapping at his watch on his wrist.

"Gotta go" he says for what seems like the tenth time. "It was…a pleasure meeting you again, Mr. Rya-Sul…Sul"

Rob quickly pats him on the shoulder before giving a small smile and walking away, making it to the record shop.

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